philondendron Gabby


philondendron Gabby

philondendron Gabby

Philodendron gabby is a stunning houseplant that has cream and white foliage paired with some green leaves in between. It is a highly unpredictable plant and may change its patterns and hues, making each individual plant a masterpiece. It is easy to grow and is an undeniable treat for the eyes. Continue reading for some essential tips and tricks to keep this plant healthy and happy.

– Soil

Philodendron gabby soil is the source of all food for the plant. Its health depends on the kind of soil you create for it, so invest time in picking up the right ready-made soil from the garden store or make your own. Any soil that is part perlite and part peat moss or coir works best.

Peat moss and coir helps retain moisture and offer mild nutrients, which are good for plants. Perlite, on the other hand, offers good drainage. Together, they form a potting mixture that is well-draining and rich in organic matter.


Philodendron gabby is a tropical plant and prefers moist soil. It may tolerate slightly dry soil too, but it is best not to let that happen. Water when the top one inch of the soil is dry, and it is recommended to let the water dry out to 25 percent moist. If your soil retains moisture, you may just need a cup of water in 10 days — how amazing is that?

Avoid overwatering your plant at any cost. Too much water and poor drainage can cause root rot, which leads to a very sick plant or even a dead one. You can avoid this by maintaining a good gap between two waterings and by making sure that the potting mix drains well. Ensure there are enough drainage holes in the pot too

Watering Philodendron gabby depends on how fast the water evaporates or how big the plant is. It needs frequent irrigation in the growing season as the plant grows fast from spring to summer. In winters, the plant may need less water.

– Temperature

Philodendron gabby prefers temperatures between 55 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit.

– Humidity

Humidity is the magic factor for the Philodendron gabby. If the plant gets high humidity and is allowed to grab a textured surface like a moss pole, it can grow leaves as big as 1 foot. How exciting is that? There are a couple of ways that you can increase humidity for this plant

  1. Install a humidifier and use it a couple of times during hot, dry days.
  2. Mist your plants occasionally.
  3. Keep the leaves clean by washing them if you can.
  4. Keep it close to other plants so that they create a microclimate and regulate humidity for each other.

– Fertilizer

The Philodendron gabby plant prefers a slow-release fertilizer. Add the one that releases over six months at the time of plantation. In this case, the plant will have a steady supply of food throughout the growing season, and you will save a lot of time too.

– Light

Like other philodendrons, gabby also prefers indirect bright light. Direct exposure to light scorches its leaves, and very low lighting condition slows down the growth of the plant.

Place your plants near a sunny window that gets bright indirect light. Any location that gets filtered light will work.

– Potting

Philodendron gabby is a climber. You need a pot that helps it grow upwards while allowing it to trail downwards. Hanging baskets would be perfect for this. If you want to keep it as a bushier plant, you can prune the stems and keep them in shape.