The Top Trending Shrubs for Gardeners in 2022


Shrubs are an essential part of any garden, providing structure, color, and interest throughout the year. In 2022, gardeners are looking for shrubs that are not only beautiful but also easy to care for and versatile in their uses. Here are some of the top trending shrubs for gardeners in 2022:

1. Hydrangeas

Hydrangeas are a classic choice for any garden, known for their large, colorful blooms and easy care requirements. In 2022, gardeners are gravitating towards newer varieties of hydrangeas that offer unique colors and shapes, such as the ‘Limelight’ hydrangea with its lime green blooms.

2. Japanese Maples

Japanese maples are prized for their stunning foliage and delicate branches, adding a touch of elegance to any garden. In 2022, gardeners are interested in unique varieties of Japanese maples, such as the ‘Sango Kaku’ with its coral-colored bark and vibrant red leaves in the fall.

3. Dwarf Conifers

Dwarf conifers are a great choice for adding year-round interest to the garden, with their compact size and unique shapes. In 2022, gardeners are loving varieties like the ‘Blue Star’ juniper with its silvery-blue foliage and ‘Nana Gracilis’ hinoki cypress with its graceful, arching branches.

4. Viburnums

Viburnums are versatile shrubs that offer lovely flowers, fruit, and foliage throughout the year. In 2022, gardeners are looking for unique viburnum varieties like the ‘Pink Dawn’ with its fragrant pink blooms in the spring and ‘Brandywine’ with its deep burgundy fall foliage.

5. Smoke Bushes

Smoke bushes are prized for their striking, smoke-like blooms and colorful foliage, adding drama to any garden. In 2022, gardeners are opting for newer smoke bush varieties like ‘Grace’ with its deep purple leaves and ‘Royal Purple’ with its vibrant purple-pink blooms.

6. Weigelas

Weigelas are popular shrubs known for their showy, trumpet-shaped flowers and attractive foliage. In 2022, gardeners are seeking out unique weigela varieties like ‘Wine and Roses’ with its dark burgundy leaves and pink flowers and ‘Sonic Bloom Pink’ with its continuous blooms throughout the summer.

7. Butterfly Bushes

Butterfly bushes are a favorite among gardeners for their fragrant blooms and ability to attract butterflies and other pollinators. In 2022, gardeners are interested in newer butterfly bush varieties like ‘Miss Ruby’ with its compact size and vibrant pink flowers and ‘Purple Haze’ with its deep purple blooms and silver foliage.

8. Flowering Quinces

Flowering quinces are early spring bloomers that add a burst of color to the garden when little else is in bloom. In 2022, gardeners are looking for unique flowering quince varieties like ‘Scarlet Storm’ with its scarlet red blooms and ‘Double Take Peach’ with its double peach-colored flowers.

9. Spireas

Spireas are versatile shrubs that offer delicate flowers and attractive foliage, making them a great addition to any garden. In 2022, gardeners are drawn to spirea varieties like ‘Magic Carpet’ with its colorful foliage and pink blooms and ‘Neon Flash’ with its vibrant pink flowers.

10. Blueberries

Blueberries are not only a delicious fruit but also a beautiful shrub for the garden, with their lovely white flowers in the spring and colorful fall foliage. In 2022, gardeners are planting blueberry varieties like ‘Sunshine Blue’ with its compact size and ‘Pink Lemonade’ with its pink berries.


As gardeners look for ways to enhance their outdoor spaces in 2022, these top trending shrubs offer a mix of beauty, versatility, and ease of care. Whether you’re looking to add color, texture, or structure to your garden, there’s a shrub on this list that’s sure to fit the bill. Consider incorporating some of these popular shrubs into your garden this year to create a vibrant and inviting outdoor oasis that you can enjoy for years to come.


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